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Need to Manufacture High-Quality Performance Clutches?

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Since 2009, Felite Auto Parts has been successfully creating a large variety of clutches for clients in China and overseas. Our experience ranges from creating performance clutches used in race cars to passenger cars.

You can give us a drawing sheet along with your requirements, and we will perfectly replicate clutches with a quick turnaround time.

Constant improvement is what we strive for. This leads to better customer service, therefore successful partnerships.

Built for Motorsports. This leads to fast innovation of our clutch technology.

What We Manufacture

Speede Performance/Racing Clutch Kit
Performance/Racing Clutch Kit

SPEEDEĀ® Clutch Kits provide up to 80%-300% increase in torque capacity and is properly suited for heavy-duty street use and moderate track use.

Speede Performance Pressure Plate/clutch cover
Performance Pressure Plate

SPEEDEĀ® pressure plates are available in a variety of designs, including all factory push, pull, crimp and rivet designs.

Speede Performance Clutch Discs
Performance Clutch Disc

SPEEDEĀ® clutch discs are available in a variety of designs, and our premium organic/ceramic friction materials provide high-heat tolerance, high coefficient of friction and low wear rates.

Why Choose Us

Extensive Clutches Coverage

8 years of experience in the production of performance clutches for sports compact cars. We have the complete race clutches coverage in China, which can save you money on the development of molds.

First-class Product Quality

5 years of experience exporting performance clutches to the United States. 85% of our clutch covers and discs are exported to the US. All of our existing clutchĀ componentsĀ meet the SFI 1.1 specification. We never sacrifice quality to reduce costs!

90-day Quality Guarantee

We render a service of returning goods within 90 days, meaning you can return the goods to us within 3 months from the day you receive them.

Powerful R&D Capacity

Our engineers have 20 years experience in the Clutch Industry. We can perfectly replicate the samples you provide and R&D the correct product by your drawing sheet and requirement.

Fast Delivery of the Goods

We guarantee that all our existing clutch models are to be delivered on time within 30 days.

Lower MOQ

The MOQ of our existing clutch models is far lower than any other supplier. This means you can test more Speede clutches while spending less, and also prevent wasting material.

We never sacrifice quality to reduce costs !